Quake MegaTF CooP/UberTF – Cooperative Mod (2021)

Team Fortress mod everyone knows, but focused on cooperative play against monsters! Also mod includes fun game modes: Team Cooperative, 4×4, Capture the Flag, Survival, the “Last Man Standing” and classical deathmatch.

Fight monsters, collect the gold, buy bonuses, play for money with the merchants, earn XP and upgrade your character. All character information will be saved! Levels from the original Quake turns you into a completely new experience!

Monsters are stronger, have a lot of health, variety of abilities, such as: double damage, sniper, support monster and many others… Also, these abilities can be combined, adding more challenge to the fights. Monsters respawns 3 times. Defeat ALL monsters before leaving the level. 9 completely different classes available for play ( more info in the full ReadMe )

*** Authors ***

Open Sourced from: Avirox (a.k.a. XavioR) with many others (up to 2015) – MegaTF, Coop vs monsters. Argonator – Uber TF 4 player Team Fortress, deathmatch, or COOP against monsters with teams, Survival mode COOP against monsters with teams, and Last Man Standing against monsters.

Link to original UberTF page

Original MegaTeam Fortress Programmers: Ambush, Plexi, mod3m, Plasticity 1997 Additional addons by Ratbert, Argonator, Agent, Pablo, Cloud, Doc 2010-2019, Often, Aberrant. Credits also to Hipnotic, Mega Team Fortress PTY LTD, Gold, Sh1thead. Special thanks to Kevin(server admin), Shark, Alissa(original MEGATF CE code, deadly sniper). Special thanks to HumanRUS for remote testing server and hosting for bug sweeping. Cheers to fortressone.org for breathing new life into the client and server engines. Added painkeep weapons and impulse bindings from pk666 thanks to NIB and Shithead (SH), DOC (painkeep). Beartraps, gravity well, can of pork n beans, auto sentry guns added. Original credit for Painkeep from Team Evolve. Also available for Quake 3.


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