Warcraft 3: New Races Mod v 2.1 (2019)

Mod has a Russian localization. It adds 5 new factions that do not replace old and well-balanced in relation to them. There is a huge number of new models for the races, perfectly blended into the atmosphere of the game, so the mod looks interesting and colorful. New races description:

  • Demons. The first faction I started. Turned out pretty interesting, also thanks to new models. From the Horde, they moved the style of the game and many abilities.
  • Draenei. Due to the fact that the game has very little material relating to the draenei, I decided to mix them with Avengers, and dwarves. In my opinion, turned out pretty not bad. Some units moved from the Alliance (such as helicopter), as there was no worthy replacement for them (and a new model too).
  • Naga. Loved by many, but for some reason not available in the battle, and immediately clear for what. They were developed exclusively for the campaign and absolutely not balanced for melee. I tried to fix it by inventing new types of units and pulling some of the abilities and structure (modifying models and icons) from other factions.
  • Nerubians. Undead in the game already present, so I decided to turn Ancient to Nerubians. Many bugs and spiders for every taste offers. As always, a lot of abilities have migrated from the standard undead, but I crammed them with the call of various servants, with the result that the main tactic of this faction was the call of assistants.
  • Nature or Creeps. I wanted to finish on the Nerubians, but have a little bit of force and I decided to resurrect the fraction of the alpha versions. Of course, was almost a copy of Night Elves, but as a variety is great. All the buildings moved from the elves, because AI is “Locked” into the tree roots system. I didn’t succeed in braiding the mine – the braided mine agrees to accept only standard fireflies, rejecting new ones, so I had to wriggle out – to call the fireflies creeps infected, as if they had lost their abilities.

*** Installation ***

Unzip the file races.mix from the archive into the game folder.

How to play:

To play for the new faction in melee, you need to choose the following:

Draenei – Alliance, handicap 90%
Demons – Horde, handicap 90%
Naga – Night elves, handicap 90%
Nerubians – Undead, handicap 90%
Creeps – Night elves, handicap 80%

To play a standard faction, enough to leave the handicap at 100%.

*** Editing ***

If you found any mistakes and don’t want to wait for new updates, you can edit the mod.

To do this, make a copy of the file races.mix. You should have two files: races.mix (which is loaded when you start the game) and, for example, races_editor.mix

Rename races_editor.mix in races_editor.w3n and open it with campaign editor. You will see all the stuffing mod: units, buildings, researches, and more. Edit what you need, save your races_editor.w3n.

Next, open races_editor.w3n with MPQ Editor and allocated to it all the files war3campaign (e.g. war3campaign.imp, war3campaign.w3a, and so on) and extract them. Close the file in the MPQ Editor and open the e races.mix. Transfer to our war3campaign extracted the file with the replace (Yes to all), click the button Compat Archive to remove the debris resulting from our work with file, and close the program. Check the changes in the game.


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