Command & Conquer: Generals and Zero hour – Singleplayer Map Pack

Multiplayer maps for these games are easy to find, but single player is very difficult to find. This pack contains 61 missions for Generals and 134 missions for Zero Hour. Initially, this pack was found on, but now it is impossible to download it, because all links on all sites lead to nonexistent files on gamefront. I have this pack left. I hope you find it useful.

Also, for the overall picture, I added skirmish maps (multiplayer maps that support bots), which are also harder to find than regular ones. Is 20 maps for Generals, 25 maps for Zero Hour and 6 maps specially optimized for Advanced AI Mod. I recommend visiting the author’s site:

*** Installation ***

All maps are sorted into folders; each of them has a “Maps” folder.
Generals: copy the “Maps” folder to the: “Documents > Command and Conquer Generals Data”
Zero Hour: copy the “Maps” folder to the: “Documents > Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour Data”

*** Information ***

Singleplayer pack author: purplescrin. Link to the forum:
Skirmish maps author: Minken. Link to the site:


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