Quake 2: StroggDM Mod (with KMQuake 2 support)

A unique mod that allows you to play for any of the monsters of the original Quake 2 and its add-ons.
A game with bots is also supported. Unfortunately, the latest version of the mod came out a very long time ago
(StroggDM 8.0 BETA2, dated 2007), but there are its sources in the stroggdm > src folder.

*** Installation ***

Unpack the archive, copy the “stroggdm” folder to the game folder, launch the game through stroggdm.bat, or write “set game stroggdm” in the console.

Next, create a network game in the “deathmatch” mode. Maps from the original Quake 2 can be set using the “gamemap x” command, where x is the name of the map. For example, gamemap q2dm1.


*** Console commands ***

menu – opens the main menu of the mod, allowing you to select a class.

sight – play the sound of your class to scare enemies.

sv bot spawn – add bot

+use – use the hook. You can also assign a convenient key +use or +hook

ability – activates your ability. Ability points are shown next to frags in the upper right corner of the screen.

chasecam – thirdperson view. Use cam_maxdistance to adjust camera range.

*** Server options ***

teamplay_classes – Class teamplay. The same classes can’t damage each other.
teamplay_landtype – Teamplay “ground vs air”.

ban_* , where * is the name of the monster. This command prohibits the use of a specific class.
E.G.: ban_icarus, ban_mediccommander, ban_betagladiator

*_health, where * health parameter.
E.G.: tank_health, soldier_health

nohook – disable hook.

no_monster_spawning – disable the ability to spawn monsters for Carrier and Medic Commander classes.

*** Changelog (by Petunindan) ***

The sources for the new code I changed are in the “src” folder.
The original code is in the “src_orig” folder
KMQ2 code is in the “src_kmq2” folder

*** 26.11.2020 ***

Added KMQuake2 Support

Edited monsters to allow co-op play. To run it:

Multiplayer > Start Network Server >
Initial Map: singleplayer maps start with Base1
Rules: cooperative

*** Authors ***

Mod creator: Paril

Website (WebArchive link):

Material prepared for you and also code changes by: Petunindan

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