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  • Quake 2: Game DLL tutorials collection (2021)

    A collection of tutorials for Quake 2 Game DLL coding.

  • Quake 2: Window of Retaliation, The Armageddon Device – KMQuake 2 Port

    *** Introduction ***I always loved addons from these authors and always wanted to re-run them on an engine with improved graphics (for example, on KMQuake 2), however, the authors did not publish the mod sources, so I took the liberty of recreating the content contained in gamex86.dll from scratch (and namely weapons, monsters and some […]

  • Quake MegaTF CooP/UberTF – Cooperative Mod (2021)

    Familiar to all Team Fortress mod, but focused on cooperative game against monsters! Also in mod, there are modes: team cooperative, 4×4, capture the flag, survival, the “Last man stading” and deathmatch. Defeat monsters, collect from them the gold, buy a bonuses and play for money with the merchants, earn points and upgrade your character. […]

  • Quake 2: Models and Skins Pack (2018)

    *** Quake 2: Models and Skins Pack *** I decided to collect a pack of different models and skins to make it more fun to play with bots or in co-op. Total in the pack:gunner – new model + 13 skinsinfantry – new model + 8 skinssoldier – new model + 17 skinsmaiden – new […]

  • Quake 2 – Project Vortex Server Files (2018)

    *** Description *** The mod is very similar to MegaTF Coop for Quake 1. On the map there are monsters with varying difficulty and different levels, for the victory over which you gain experience. You increase the level to unlock new abilities, weapons, and other bonuses. Mod has 11 different classes, each with its own […]

  • Quake 2 – Super Single Player Episodes and Maps Collection (2018)

    A big collection of maps and campaigns for Quake 2. KMQuake2 support included. Unzip archive, copy “episodes” folder to your Quake 2 folder, start the game using .bat file or “+set game episodes” command.