World of Warcraft: Night Elf Mohawk Script (TrinityCore/AzerothCore) (2020)

This SQL script adds Night Elf Mohawk to the server. A long time ago pulled it out of the ancient MaNGOS server and converted into a Trinity. The function of Indian Grenades depends on your server (on AcWebRepack and AzerothCore it works).

The script is written under AzerothCore, so if you want to install on another Repack – check columns of your script to avoid errors. In the file all lines commented for easy editing.

Elf with a Tiger, a tent and a stool appears in the Elwyn, Durotar, Tirisfal, Mulgore, Dun Morogh, Teldrassil, in the Forests of Eversong and Azure Myst Isle (elf fishing as it was in the original).

The author of the original script is unknown, most likely the MaNGOS developers.


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