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  • Battlefield: Bad Company 2 – Bots Mod (2018)

    Battliefield: Bad Company 2 – Bots Mod This package is a modified server + patch for the client. The development of mod took a huge amount of time. Mod is a 4-map in Rush mode. Players play for attackers, because bots do not know how to plant and defuse, but if you really want to, […]

  • C&C Renegade Bots Mod (2017)

    A new version of the mod that adds bots to Renegade! A list of maps on which you can play with bots: C&C_Canyon_BotC&C_City_BotC&C_Complex_BotC&C_Field_BotC&C_Hourglass_BotC&C_Islands_BotC&C_Mesa_BotC&C_Under_BotC&C_Volcano_BotC&C_Walls_Bot *** Known bugs *** Bots can run to tiberium fields. The bot vehicles sometimes collides with each other. The main obstacle on the way is alwaysbecomes harvester. However, after a collision, the […]