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  • Quake 2: StroggDM Mod (with KMQuake 2 support)

    A unique mod that allows you to play for any of the monsters of the original Quake 2 and its add-ons.A game with bots is also supported. Unfortunately, the latest version of the mod came out a very long time ago(StroggDM 8.0 BETA2, dated 2007), but there are its sources in the stroggdm > src […]

  • Quake 2: Window of Retaliation, The Armageddon Device – KMQuake 2 Port

    *** Introduction ***I always loved addons from these authors and always wanted to re-run them on an engine with improved graphics (for example, on KMQuake 2), however, the authors did not publish the mod sources, so I took the liberty of recreating the content contained in gamex86.dll from scratch (and namely weapons, monsters and some […]