World of Warcraft: Edge of Chaos Expansion (for 3.3.5a) (2020)

*** Introduction ***

This modification was created quite a long time ago and it is now difficult to find links to all the materials, so I decided to post it on my website.

The modification is completely in English. Knowledge of running servers such as Mangos, Trinity, etc. is recommended.

I also took the liberty of decompressing the client modification installation file and placing all the contents in the archive, because the installer requires registry paths and other components that only appear when installing World of Warcraft from disk (or from the official launcher, which, for obvious reasons, is impossible). Now, basically, everyone downloads a ready-made installed game client, and therefore the installation file refuses to do its job.

*** Short description ***

“The Edge of Chaos” is a project that the developers have been working on for about 4 years.

This project is a modified ArcEmu server + modification for the client. Add-on works on the basis of 3.3.5a

The main idea is to rebuild the world created by Blizzard, based on the vision of the creators of the project, while maintaining the overall concept of the design and gameplay of the original game and bringing new interesting mechanics.

In general terms about the work done:

  • 275 scripts
  • Max level – 30
  • Over 40,000 words in quest titles alone + description + quest objectives
  • 8 game zones that can be visited during leveling up to level 30
  • 8 brand new dungeons tested
  • Various world events
  • 2 new classes (Demon Hunter and Engineer)
  • 1 new race (Tuskars)
  • 1 battlefield (based on the Hunger Games)
  • Countless facts that other servers would list as main features
  • Patch 3.3.5a

This is an open source project, but only supports Windows (very difficult to develop on OSx due to the limited Mac environment in this regard)


*** Installation ***

  • Recommendations:

Windows 7 or higher requires Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2013

  • Client installation:

Unpack the EOCClient.7z archive and move the “Data” folder and the WoWEOC.exe file to the World of Warcraft folder

If you have an English version of the game, rename the patch-ruRU-4.mpq file to patch-4.mpq and move it to the “Data” folder.

You also need to install a hotfix (without it, the game will close when a new level is received). The “FrameXML” folder from the “EoC_Hotfix” folder needs to be copied to the “interface” folder in the game folder.

  • Server installation:

1) Unpack EOCRepack.7z to any convenient place.
2) Run the database – MySQL_Start.bat (in the future, it is recommended to close it through MySQL_Stop.bat)
3) Next, go to the Server folder and run logon.exe (login server) and world.exe (world server) in turn.

Everything is ready to play. Don’t forget to change your to localhost or
Launching the game via WoWEOC.exe

*** About the authors ***

The project was released to the public due to study, work and other things that do not leave enough free time for further development.


  • Stoneharry
  • Eclipse
  • Terrorblade
  • Laurea (alexeng)
  • Lots of other people who supported this project during development and, of course, the emulator developers who created the basis for this hobby.


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