Quake 2: Models and Skins Pack (2018)

*** Quake 2: Models and Skins Pack ***

I decided to collect a pack of different models and skins to make it more fun to play with bots or in co-op.

Total in the pack:
gunner – new model + 13 skins
infantry – new model + 8 skins
soldier – new model + 17 skins
maiden – new model + 8 skins
cyborg – ~60 skins
female – ~31 skin
male – ~1555 skins (judging by the number of skins, the most popular model)

The pack uses:

Monster models from my old pack, tidied up:
– gunner, infantry, soldier + new model – maiden.
I chose the most suitable for hitboxes models + with weapons, adjusted them in height and completed the missing animations. I also picked up sounds, edited some of them.


  • Added skins male, female and cyborg from the Ground Zero addon (for some reason are missing in the steam version of the game).
    – Added skins from Action Quake 2
    – Added skins from STROGG MODELS – PACK #1(https://www.playground.ru/quake_2/file/quake_2_strogg_models_pack_1-875631)
    by A.Soldier of Light:
    For Gunner (skin1, skin2, skin3, skin4, skin5, skin6, skin7, skin8)
    For Infantry (skin3, skin4, skin5)
    For Soldier (all with a title skin_number.pcx)
    For Maiden (all with a title maiden_a_skin_number.pcx)
  • The skin “skin_sc” is taken from the addon “Roseville Missions” (https://www.quakewiki.net/archives/roseville/worpage.shtm)
    Also, I took the skin from patchzer as the basis for my skins for Maiden.

– All other skins are taken from tastyspleen.net

*** Installation ***

Unpack the contents of the archive (folders cyborg, female, gunner, infantry, male, soldier)
to: “Game folder > baseq2 > players”


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